Hey people who might be reading this my name is Gage Coprivnicar, I am 18, male and am attending Colorado School of Mines. I am intersted in programming, computers, biking, rafting, and some other stuff. I enjoy programming my own little devices and through that teaching myself more about stuff. I think I want to be an electrical engineer, but mechanical sounds pretty good as well.

Purpose of this

So I have a little hobby, as mentioned before of creating and coding my own little projects, and while up until now they have been nothing to write home about, with learning of GitHub a repository of peoples open source code, I decided I would now have an easy way to share my interests with the world. Some of the projects I will be posting about are ones dealing with the Phillips Hue lights because they are super cool. Most of the projects are going to be made for an Raspberry Pi, and written in python but should work on multiple platforms. No guarantees. I also hope to put personal updates on here as well.

What I Use

I have a MacBook Pro that has satisfied all of my computer and programming needs. I use Python 2.7 mainly, but would like to branch out into node.js and possibly Go as languages. I use Raspberry Pi’s for physical computers to run different programs because they are relatively cheap and so nice to write code with. I also have a Windows 10 server that I use to collect (hoard) data so I may be talking about that from time to time.


So yeah thanks for reading and I hope you find this even a little bit useful or interesting that would be great. If you have any questions or whatever feel free to contact me with them. My email can be found below.