So I have been going to Colorado School of Mines now for a little over three weeks and in this time I have joined a few clubs including Dancing Club and a team called the Solar Decathalon Challenge. The latter one is the one I am going to be talking about. This teams aim is to build a tiny home to submit to the national Solar Decathalon Challenge. The aim of the Solar Decathalon Challenge (SDC) is to build an incredibly sustainable home. I decided to join this club because it looked interesting to me and I want to hopefully build my own tiny house sometime.

Tiny homes

So as a quick run down of tiny homes they are typically homes under 1000 square feet that usually fit 1 to 2 people. They are usually built on a trailer so they can be transported easily around to different places. My previous experience with Tiny Homes is I in high school I designed a tiny home and then built a scale model of it in Google Sketch-Up and out of little wooden sticks.

My Involvement

In the tiny home club I am in charge of designing the bath room and am also a lead in the construction, assisting in ensuring that the necessary cuts are made without making and that they are all within tolerance. I have also stepped in to cut the 2x4s and 2x6s to make sure that all the cuts are made. Also in the next few years many of the founders of the Club are graduating and I hope to be able to figure out enough about construction, building, and infrastructure enough so that I can actually start doing more in the club and understand more of what is happening. I have already learned about heat dissipation and R-Values in walls and how to best insulate a building.

More Information

For more information you can visit the Mines Tiny House site here.