Comma and AI

So I was scrolling through Google Now for some articles that I might find interesting and I happened to stumble across this article by TechCrunch talking about a relatively new start up called that aimed to create an open source Self Driving Car using an AI and it seems to me Googles open source AI software TensorFlow. Now this seemed pretty cool at first but you know everybody has a start up and this didnt seem different unitl i realized that they had their own app that would allow you to get involved with the development of the program.


So to teach an AI you have to give it tons and tons of data. In the case of Comma this looks like using recording from a dashboard cam to teach the AI what to look for and what to avoid The computer looking at a turn in the road

But this is a large issue for an individual to do for it would require a lot of driving hours in different places in different scenerios so the app chffr was made. This app essentially allows you to help in teaching the AI how to drive by using your phone as a dashboard cam and a GPS to record your driving and then upload it to Comma servers to be analyzed.

So What Do I Get?

Well as you drive and record you get points unoriginally called Comma Points which you can then see when you log on to and supposedly I have heard and read that if you contribute enough time and have enough points you might get your own self driving car kit for less than $1000. So thats definitely worth contributing to if only for the sake of knowing you are helping the future.

How To Sign Up

To sign up all you have to do is go to the links following

and fill or follow the links that go from there.

How To Earn More points

To earn more points visit this site and follow the instructions to earn a point per drawing you submit