An Explanation

So because I am going to use this blog as a way to talk about my projects I figured I should give you guys an idea of what is currently in the works. You can see the code on Github here but sometimes people like a more complete explanation of what the things are. So here is a list of the projects I am working on and where I am. This list consists of the currently active things I am working on so some repositories are going to be left out.

  • EISA
  • TwitterDMIO
  • WiiHue
  • TwitterBot


EISA is a project I am working on for an assistant type thing that will take inputs and complete tasks. The ultimate goal is to create a heads up display (HUD) that can store information and do random tasks for me. A lot of this project is still up in the air and development is sporadic but you know some day this actually might be a super cool thing.

Where I am

I have the basic code in place to implement different modules, or bits of code that run individual tasks that make EISA what it will be. I just have to make some more and buy the hardware, so far it only works on a computer but I am planning on working on the code to use with a OLED and a Raspberry Pi.


The goal of this project is to be able to run it on its own little Pi and have it constantly monitored, it works with Twitter Direct Messages to @CoprivnicarBot on twitter and will be able to do stuff like turn on and off lights and monitor a room if a camera is attached to the pi.

Where I am

The basic code is in place for responding to only me so far and it only works and responds to me and so far it is attached to Hue Lights and has room control and individual light control. I have more to implement and maybe rewrite the code so it is easier to implement some more tasks


So this I am fairly proud of. It controls Hue Lights with a wii remote using a couple or open source repositories that can be found on Github. It works generally but the WiiMote does disconnect which is a pain and something that I am going to be addressing in the future

Where I am

So this code works great and has room support and stuff, its just that the Wii Remote disconnects after a time of disuse and I am going to address this in the future but besides that it works great. Also it only supports two lights but that is easily addressed and the reason that it doesnt support more is the lack of ability to give feedback as to what light is being controlled.


So this program is… interesting… It is my attempt to create a way to intelligently respond to DMs on Twitter. It too uses @CoprivnicarBot but its odd… It doesnt work that great and is more of just a fun experiment in teaching a program language structure. Development is slow but definitely going to continue working on it to hopefully make it better.

Where I am

So some code is in place but it just doesnt work. So yeah.


So there you go now you know where I am on various projects I am working on and now you know what I am talking about when I reference them in the future.