WiiHue has been a project I have been working on over the summer that allows one to control Phillips Hue lights via a WiiRemote. This project is one of the most complete ones I have ever developed. It is useful and practical and well made. It works well, easy to set up, easy to use. While there are some issues with it works well. In this post I will be explaining how to set it up and use it.


So I used a Raspberry Pi B+ for this project but it should be able to run on all the variations of Pi’s including the Pi Zero. You will need a USB Bluetooth Dongle, A Wii Remote. It has to be one of the older ones NOT THE WII WITH MOTION PLUS.

You do not want the Wii Remote with the text ‘Wii MotionPlus INSIDE’ on it. Lastly and most importantly you will need the Phillips Hue Light The link is to the starter kit which has all the important parts for starting off with the Hue lights. But besides those things you will need the Raspberry Pi Essentials like a wifi dongle, power cord, etc.

My Set Up

Here is a picture of my set up.


I installed NOOBS on an SD Card. You also have to make sure you install

  • Phue a python library for Hue lights
  • Cwiid a C based library to interface with the Wii Remote
  • python-cwiid a python wrapper for cwiid

Install Phue sudo easy_install phue

Install Cwiid sudo apt-get install cwiid

Install python-cwiid sudo apt-get install python-cwiid

Then lastly you can install WiiHue git clone https://github.com/Gageco/WiiHue To start all you need to do is run python main.py

So there you go thats the software side of WiiHue if you have any questions all you need to do is email me at gage@coprivnicar.com


After running the program press 1 and 2 on the remote to connect the wii remote to the Pi. Afterwards the key bindings are shown below

Key Bindings

Key Function
A Toggle individual light states
B Check light state, blinks once for off twice for on
Up Arrow Choose next light
Down Arrow Choose previous light
Left Arrow Increase brightness of individual light
Right Arrow Decrease brightness of individual light
1 Button Toggle room one lights
2 Button Toggle room two lights
Home Manual Disconnect

Room Setup

To enable and set up rooms you have to go to config.py and edit it read the marks and above to ensure that it will work. The format is 'kitchen', [1,2,3] where kitchen is the room name and the numbers are the light bulbs numbers. Make sure you keep the room assignments between START and END in the file. So far only two rooms are set up but if I can figure out a good way to give feedback then I can add more.


Hey thanks for reading and using WiiHue if any of you guys encounter create them on GitHub here. I would really appreciate it. Once again any issues or questions or comments just shoot me an email at gage@coprivnicar.com

Thanks, Gage Coprivnicar