My Nature

In my nature I am not a traveler. I like routine, I like simplicity, I like my things. I wasn’t born to be a traveler. I was however born with the gift of travel.

My father is a pilot, that means I am able to travel for free until the day I turn 24. In my current 23.36 years of life, I have travelled to the following international locations. Mexico, Canada, Japan, Amsterdam, Germany. This is quite a bit of travel from my understanding, but I can still do better given the circumstances.

The Plan

I have 6k to my name and 6k in school debt, and 1.94 Ethereum (worth ~$7.3k @ $3800/eth) locked up forever in a stupid text file on my laptop.

With my financial situation absolutely fine I put together a spreadsheet on Google Docs with some high estimations. I’d like to go to Greece and Croatia for one week each, then Iceland for two, here’s how the money shakes out.

Reykjavik, Iceland $/Day 14 Day Cost
Hostel/Car $50 $700
Food $50 $700
Tourism $20 $280
Total $120 $1680

Honestly I don’t think that’s too bad, all the estimations for this are a little pretty high, so hopefully I’ll be able to get that down easily. I think the best way to get it cheaper would be to cut the $50/day for food. From what I read Iceland doesn’t have super special cultural food, so I can just buy some food at the grocery store and have PB&J for two weeks, maybe a nice dinner twice a week, but I can definitely cut back. I think I’ll shoot for $1400 over two weeks.

Also Hostel and Car are combined into one category because I don’t need a hostel and a car, sleep in the car when traveling, hostel when not. I would like to have the chance to stay in Reykjavik for a night or two so there will likely be some overlap, but limiting the time I have to pay for both would be good.

Also some friends of mine will come, we’ll see.

Here’s how some approximations of the costs for Greece and Croatia shake out. I figure they are going to be comparable so I’ll throw them into one table.

Greece & Croatia $/Day 14 Day Cost
Hostel/Car $40 $560
Food $50 $700
Tourism $20 $280
Total $110 $1540

The only real difference here is the Hostel and Car costs are a bit lower, and same deal with food, I can probably go cheaper. A concern I have is that the Tourism cost will be higher then I have budgeted. My sister had a few weeks in Greece and said it costs $20 to go see many of the historical sites there, so if I am to see more then one place in a day, it’ll cost more. I’m not really worried about that per se. I mean, if I can spend two weeks there for a little more then budgeted, that’s fine and I can save money in other ways if things get really tight.

In Action

So overall, I’m anticipating spending over 3k on this trip, which for four weeks isn’t bad, and I can skrimp and save, or I can have nice dinners here and there, and generally have a good time. Not that having a fun time internationally requires a lot of money. But as I mentioned before, I’m not much of a traveler, so if I’m spending some extra money on food, who cares.

The Moon

Here is a picture of the Moon I took, so I can be sure I know how to attach pictures. I don’t really know how to make them smaller, so it’ll be awkward until I care to figure it out

The Moon