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The School Day

Woke up to a bunch of cars outside of mine, my hunch that I was at a school was correct, and I saw a few people, students presumably wandering around outside. After they went inside I quickly put on my shoes and started driving towards the Geysers!

The Geysers

About an hour and a half drive from my first stop, I spent the majority of the day here wandering around and hiking around the different geysers. The big one I have a video of going off on my Instagram, and some photos I have I’ll attach below.


Me At Geyser

The guy who took this picture is named Robert and he was from Texas, and we chatted about about our trips so far, he is leaving this Wednesday, and pointed me towards Vik, and the Black Sand Beach there. Where I am planning to go tomorrow!

Gullfoss Waterfall

This was a quick stop, it was beautiful, but there weren’t any special hikes but it was a beautiful site.



I drove another hour and a half near Vik, and found a campsite with a beautiful waterfall where I hiked around exploring, and decided to sleep in the car again as it was pretty comfortable last time.



The Sunset & Birds






Tomorrow I think will end up being a driving day after some walking around Vik, and it’s my first day of class in Iceland, so we’ll see how it goes!