Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, had a bit of a late night, and met some cool guys I was hanging out with.

Day Four

Day 4 was for the most part a driving day, but in the morning there were some absolutely incredible glacial sites to see!

First I had the chance to go on a small hike near my campsite to a Glacial Lake which was incredible. I walked down to the lake the glacier was creating, and found a strong current coming from the glacier which was wild, considering it was like 1C out. But yeah, also saw a few pretty birds that I’ll share at the end of the post!


Next stop from there was the Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach, both places were absolutely beautiful, Glacier Lagoon is created by the ice from the glacier nearby cracking off and falling into the lake. The current that is created by the melting ice, causes water and the ice floating in the water to float towards the ocean, which break apart and sometimes will break on the shore causing Diamond Beach!



From there I started a long drive to a campsite in North East Iceland, and ended up driving through a few tunnels right through the mountain, one tunnel being 6km which was crazy.


At my campsite that night, just an empty field in a small city, I ended up meeting a few cool dudes and we ended up chatting for a while about traveling. They were from California, both were Civil Engineers, and it was really neat spending time with them! Tried some jerkied fish, which tasted like Tuna, but overall wasn’t too bad.


Day Five

That next morning I ended up grabbing some food with one of the guys at a local bakery which was fun. There was a bit of a communication issue, but we ended asking about one of the baked goods and what was in it and learned that Svine means Ham which was cool. I got a loaf of bread, a ham and cheese roll for lunch, and a vanilla pudding bread twist which was amazing!


From there took a drive towards Lake Myvatn, which I was told translates literally to Lake Lake Mosquito by the person running my camp tonight. And on the way stopped at some geyers near the Krafla Volcano, and a Geothermal Facility near the Volcano. I didn’t actually get a chance to go to the volcano because the path was snowed over, and it was like a 10 miles round hike.



Drove the Lake Myvatn next which was pretty, and headed to my campsite after that and met up with the guys I had met the previous night! They cooked up some potatoes and lamb and shared a bit with me which is kind of them!



Day 5 Sunset


Other Pics

The Fjords